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I finally received my proof, so the "Of Blood and Chakra" zine pre-orders are officially open! So, so happy that this project finally pulled through, you guys are AMAZING. 

featuring works by:

ybee, viivuscat-monster,rockleaf, wuzidan, vickisigh, lingpingpong, kei-tea, strawberryjamm, snairmair, nanbamutta, runespring, bobademon, jununy, seasting, spicybara, suchirolle

organized by Yves and Addy

note to the artists: I’ll be mailing your copies of the zine to you soon. Thank you so much for participating! 

Preorder the zine here!

I’m so glad I was able to represent all of the dog ninjas and ninja dogs for this zine

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are we gonna die tomorrow? yes

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aoba gets extra pretty things in his hair this morning uqu

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Ancient kings presented themselves as the personifications of these gods, taking on the responsibility not only for success in battle but also the fertility of the land, which relied on rainfall. They wore crowns of oak leaves, as a symbol of the god they represented as kings on Earth….

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is his fucking selfie

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we'll fly away


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